The most popular bus company in Estonia, Lux Express, offers the best daily connections between the largest towns and cities in Estonia: Tallinn, Tartu, Võru, Pärnu, Narva, Kuressaare and Haapsalu. Twenty-five comfortable buses run on Estonian domestic routes, serving at least 1 300 000 passengers each year (an average of 3500 people per day). The average duration of a trip is two hours, during which time a prospective client will have more than enough time to acquaint themselves with your advertising material. Clients for our stickers and video ads on domestic routes include Tele2, CV-Online, Elisa, Skypark, SEB and ERGO Insurance.


Over 60 luxury buses run on Lux Express’s international routes, serving more than 1 100 000 passengers each year. The average duration of a trip is five hours, during which a prospective client will have more than enough time to get acquainted with the marketing messages you have created, whether your destination is Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, or any other tourist or business mecca. Clients for our stickers and video ads on international routes include Tuhamägi, Global Blue, Tallinn Card, TV Tower, Tervise paradiis, Positivus Festival, Polis Group, Kotka Hamina and Telia.


We can add a promotional sticker (width of 200 mm × height 100 mm) on the underside of the tray table in front of each passenger seat. When the table is folded away, stickers are seen by the traveller throughout the journey and can’t be missed.

The stickers are exclusively available to only one company at a time, making them more effective. On domestic routes, you can separately select or exclude Tallinn–Tartu buses. On international routes, it is possible to separately select buses for Russian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian bases that travel to neighbouring countries (e.g. buses from the Latvian base mainly travel to Estonia and Lithuania). This way you can better reach the desired target group.

Videoreklaam meediamängijates


Each BUSPAD media player positioned in front of every bus passenger can play an ad clip of up to 15 seconds, which cannot be closed or skipped, before every film.

During the time period of your selection we will exclusively play your ad clip in addition to the “fasten your seat belt” clip in the BUSPAD media player before every film.

On domestic routes we play ads only on Tallinn–Tartu buses, but they are played on all international buses.

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