Nordica airline in-flight magazine TimeFlies

In-flight magazine TimeFlies is Estonia‚Äôs business card and its content presents Estonia as a unique and attractive destination. In style, the magazine is inspired by Nordic minimalism, a characteristic trait for Estonians. Every cover of the magazine displays some prominent Estonian design product and includes the title ‘TimeFlies’ handwritten by the given designer. Texts provide an overview of Estonian architecture, restaurants, sightseeing destinations, business, research, museums, cultural events and, last but not least, aviation. To strengthen positive emotions, articles are illustrated with quality photos. The on-board magazine is placed in the seat pocket in front of each passenger and available for taking along. On board, passengers have, on average, about 2 hours to read through the magazine and obtain additional information. The number of passengers estimated to fly in 2018 is over 700,000.

Issue Publication date Design file deadline
Spring 20.04 1.04
Summer 20.07 1.07
Autumn 20.10 1.10
Winter 20.01 1.01