SUUND magazine is the best travel companion. This evocative lifestyle magazine personally greets passengers on every Lux Express bus, and for an average of two hours of travel, offers the best in entertainment and inspiration – discovering interesting places in Estonia, prominent personalities and their undertakings. This Estonian- and Russian-language magazine, published four times a year, is located in the seat pocket in front of every passenger, and is therefore visible to at least 1,000,000 passengers. SUUND is a magazine with crisp, Scandinavian design that allows the reader’s eye to rest. Its beautiful images lead to serene reflection, while the ride progresses quickly and pleasantly.

Issue Publication date Design file deadline
Kevad 20.02 1.02
Suvi 20.05 1.05
Sügis 20.08 1.08
Talv 20.11 1.11